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As a drummer, I want to keep developing – from both an artistic and a musical point of view. And precisely that is what I want for you. That’s why I’m sharing my experiences with you here, and I want to motivate you to make the most of yourself.

I know that steadfast striving for self-improvement can seem overwhelming. That’s why I’m showing you here various approaches to practicing that I have tried out myself and that help me to achieve more in a very short time. You’ll learn here what I’m offering you.

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“My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources, that will help you become a better drummer. You don´t have to get it perfect. You just have to get it going.”

Rudiments: The Complete Collection

My new e-paper gives you a comprehensive insight into the 40 international drum rudiments. These figures are the basis for expanding your vocabulary as a drummer.

Over 51 pages, you will find: Basic principles for the correct technical execution of the figures, the rudiments’ relationship to American military music, the connection of rudimental drumming to the orchestral style of playing the snare drum, the correct choice of tempo, roll rudiments, diddle rudiments, flam rudiments, and drag rudiments, as well as a short bibliography and a glossary.

If you want to know more about rudiments, then this e-paper is just the thing for you!

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