Rudiments – The Complete Collection


Many of my students ask me which rudiments to practise. My answer is always the same: “All of them!” But how and where best to begin? To prevent these questions putting you off your practice, my new e-paper gives you a comprehensive insight into the 40 international drum rudiments.


These patterns provide the foundation you need to dramatically expand your playing ability as a drummer, improve your technical skills and increase your musical creativity. If you want to learn more about rudiments while also improving your hand technique, this e-paper is right for you. Discover all you need to know and start practicing today!


Over 100 pages, you’ll find:

a.) Basic knowledge for the correct technical execution of the patterns

b.) Significance of the rudiments for US military music

c.) The difference between rudimental drumming and the orchestral playing style of the snare

d.) Information on choosing the correct tempo

e.) Roll rudiments, diddle rudiments, flam rudiments and drag rudiments

f.) A short list of references and glossary.


Download the e-paper and get midi files for the 40 international drum rudiments free of charge!