56 Reading Exercises


In today’s music, rhythm is more important than ever. Many musicians have experienced that their music loses its expressive power when they can not perform it rhythmically.

The aim of this e-paper is therefore to strengthen your rhythmic understanding. The difficulty level of the exercises increases bit by bit – until at the end you can use all note values ​​in mixed form.

On 60 pages you get:

1. 56 reading exercises that guide you through all common note values: whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, quarter triplets eighth notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, quintuplets, sixteenths, and 32nd notes,
2. an overview of all dynamic names.

You get:
3. more than 1,500 cycles of exercise material,
4. conceptually structured exercises that you can apply in different styles
5. a comprehensive, dynamic training.

You can further develop your hand technique with this e-paper as well as your foot technique. You want to start practicing immediately and improve continuously? Then this e-paper is just right for you.

Download the e-paper now and strengthen your rhythmic skills!

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